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Keya McClain |
Self Publishing Coach. Poet. Storyteller. Speaker.

Hi, I’m Keya McClain.

I am a Self Publishing Coach, Poet, Storyteller & Speaker. I have developed several courses, workshops and services for various clients. I offer VIP & hourly consultations to help spoken word artists and poets publish their work. I have successfully helped other genre of writers complete their books and become self-published.


Self-Publishing Coach

Keya McClain has successfully self-published three books, co-authored one other self-published book and co-author of #1 Best Seller #BossMoms (published by Purposely Created Publishing Group). She has coached and facilitated workshops and conferences instructing potential writers.


Keya has spoke on various stages ranging from college campuses to private events. She is a dynamic, energetic and poetic speaker. She engages the audience with her poetry, storytelling and motivational impact. Her ability to capture the audiences attention and grasp the needs of the audience is her greatest strengths.


Keya is and has been a poet first. She loves to perform on stages sharing her poetry in various ways. Her three part part series “The Healing Poetic Expression Series” has poetry ranging from love, pain, laughter and overcoming in life. She is often called to feature, perform at a private event or draft writing for a special moment.

Message - Virtual & Live Poetry Show

A live and virtual poetic show you do not want to miss. MESSAGE is a great poetry show that delivers meaningful & exhilarating messages.

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